What is the US-India climate partnership?



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    The “Green Partnership to Address Energy Security, Climate Change, and Food Security” – more commonly referred to as the US-India Climate Partnership – is a rather loose package of proposals for cooperation on climate issues between these two countries.  The Partnership has led to the creation of several international institutions like the US-India Climate Dialogue and the US-India Energy Dialogue, designed to help both countries work toward reductions in greenhouse emissions and development of the clean energy sector.  So far, it is unclear exactly how effective these institutions and agreements will be.  However, the Partnership was solidified this fall by President Barack Obama, and marks just one of several efforts the Obama administration has made to get developing nations on-board with plans for reducing emissions.  It’s far from certain as yet that the US-India Partnership will lead to anything big, but it’s very encouraging that Obama and Prime Minister Singh of India are working together on climate policies.

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