What U.S. cities have plenty of water for all their citizens and for future growth?



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    This link contains a 2008 ranking of U.S. cities by water supply. At the top of the list is Chicago, Il., followed by other cities in the Great Lakes area. Southeastern cities and Honolulu are also high-ranking, while southwestern cities come in at the end, with Las Vegas being last.

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    AJ is correct. Of interesting note is that many cities have reducted their per person consumption of water siginicantly in recent years. Cities that currently face challenges, but are not in significant trouble yet, with respect to water are:

    Fort Worth, TX

    Houston, TX

    Dallas, TX

    El Paso, TX

    Sacramento, CA

    Fresno, CA

    Miami, FL

    San Francisco, CA

    Oakland, CA

    Denver, CO

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