What is urban agriculture?



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    Urban agriculture is integrating agricultural practices within the economy and ecology of an urban (city) setting. Some example strategies of integration are using residents to provide labor, utilizing organic waste as compost, and diverting waste water to serve as irrigation. This strategy helps to place agricultural production closer to where it is consumed while providing valuable sources of nutrients and labor that are more difficult to find in rural settings, but also treated as waste in urban settings.

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    Examples of urban agriculture are rooftop, community, and personal gardens. If you have a yard with enough space for a garden that would be ideal, but if you live in an apartment building a rooftop garden could be an alternative. If there is no chance of having your personal/rooftop garden, if there are any vacant lots in your area you could attempt to create a community garden. A community garden has the potential to be much bigger than your personal garden, and is likely to be less work if everyone puts in their fair share of time.

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