What is urban farming?



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    Urban farming is the practice of growing, producing, and distributing food within a city. Urban farming is often used as an educational and economic tool within low income neighborhoods, to teach impoverished families how to save money, as well as increase food security for their area by growing their own food. Other benefits of urban farming include beautifying the cityscape, as well as restoring the local environment.

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    Urban farming utilizes non-agricultural land to produce and grow food in urban areas, where low-income families and children often don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Urban farming teaches residents about nutrition and about a healthy, balanced diet. This method of farming is sustainable and often has a low impact on the earth, as it encourages urban residents to utilize space in creative ways and grow their own food. Many urban gardens are grown organically on apartment building rooftops, in backyards, in repurposed vacant lots, or in hanging baskets on a small patio. 

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