What is the universal blood type?



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    Blood type O is the universal blood type.  This is because it can be transfused to patients with any other blood type (though O- is preferred in certain situations.  People with type O blood, however, can only receive blood from people with type O blood.  AB+ is known as the universal receiver because they can receive blood from anyone.

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    There are two kinds of universal blood types: the universal donor and the universal receiver. Type O- is considered the universal donor, meaning that it can be donated to a patient of any blood type and will not be rejected. This is because type O- means that it doesn’t have any antigens, and your body will not fight it. Type AB+ blood is considered to be the universal receiver. Patients with this blood type can receive any of the other blood types and not have their body reject it. Similarly, this is because this blood type has A, B, and Rh antigens (Rh antigens are responsible for the positive or negative sign), so no blood type will be in conflict with it.

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