What is unique about the way a bird is made?



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    A bird’s anatomy is particularly unique because it’s bones are hollow. The decrease in mass allows it to be light enough to fly. Other adaptions to aid flight are their compact body shapes with its limbs closer to its center of gravity, lack of teeth and decreased skull size to minimize its weight. The muscles in its wings associated with flight are also much larger.

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    Oh boy, yes there is! Haven’t you seen Jurassic Park (haha), where Dr. Grant says that raptors have hollow bones, like birds.

    So, modern birds (not scary velociraptors) have hollow bones with cris-crossed struts to make them stronger (and lighter). Birds also have beaks rather than teeth, and beaks are much lighter.

    Birds’ hearts beat very very quickly. This helps them metabolize rapidly and circulate oxygen, so that they can have more sustained flight (they’re fast and efficient at producing/using energy).

    There’s a lot more! Check out the Wikipedia site!

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