What is unique about the mutant mouse Japanese scientists created?



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    The mutant mouse created by Japanese scientists is unique because it can tweet and chirp like a bird. The mutation was an accident in a study of how how language evolves; scientists bred generations of genetically engineered mice with various mutations with the result that the mice that were created make bird-like noises. The researchers hope that the ‘singing mice’ will reveal clues help them understand language evolution, including the formation of dialects.

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    Scientists in Japan wanted to study genetic mutation as a driving force of evolution. The why they did this was genetically modify a bunch of mice to “miscopy DNA” and result in more random mutation. 100 of these mice chirp like birds, some have short legs, some have tails resembling that of a daschund, among many other creepy comic-book developments.

    By studying how the chirping mice relate to one another, they can also learn much on the human formation of language.



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