What is unique about making aluminum foil?



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    Aluminium Foil has been used for hundreds of years since it is so plentiful here on Earth. Aluminium Foil is so unique because of how many differend uses it has and how many different sizes and thicknesses there are to choose from. The link below explains the usefulness of foil and also explains the process. Enjoy!

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    From a natural resources standpoint, aluminum is one of the most plentiful minerals we use. This makes it inexpensive to produce, and that, along with the range of possible applications for it, means that it’s a very popular material. It is also unique in that it’s the most recently discovered metal that we mass produce. For aluminum foil specifically, some of the things that make it unique are its wide availability and cheapness for the everyday consumer, compared to other foils like gold; the variety of thicknesses it is made in, from 0.00017 to 0.006 inches thick; and the fact that it is non-toxic, meaning that it can be used around food. You can even use it in a convection oven to cook hot dogs!

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