What is unique about the Caspian tiger?



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    Read the article in the link. One gene, apparently, is all that differentiated it from the Siberian tiger. I suppose it may also be considered unique in being the only tiger to live in the habitat where it lived.

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    The Caspian tiger is an extinct subspecies of tiger.  There is some confusion over when exactly the species went extinct, with dates listed between the 1950s and 1970s.  There are still claims of Caspian tigers, in fact.  Further, genetic research has shown that it is actually a very similar species to the Siberian tiger.  They differ by only one letter of genetic code, and likely the species only separated in the last century.  Because of how similar they are, an effort is being made to introduce Siberian tigers to the former Caspian tiger habitats as a way of keeping the tiger from being completely extinct.

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    The Caspian tiger was secluded in the forests of the Talysh lowlands, where it thrived with an abundance of wild boar and Bactrian deer. Its isolation kept it from cross-breeding with other sub species of tigers. Now it is extinct.

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