What is underground coal fire?



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    When coal catches on fire in the mines, releasing toxic fumes which force nearby residents to flee, polluting waterways, and burning the land above.

    They are apparently more common that mine flooding!

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    Underground coal fires are exactly what the name tells you.  These fires occur when the coal underground is ignited and burns not only the coal but many other materials underground.  One coal fire in China is thought to contribute 2-3% of the worlds greenhouse gases.  These coal fires have been burning for decades in Colorado and Pennsylvania and often results in towns being abandoned, polluted waterways, fires above ground, and large unsafe areas.

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    Underground coal fires are far less common today then they were decades ago because of more efficient mining safety regulations. Underground coal fires happen when a deposit of coal, usually from an active mine, becomes ignited. Since coal is burned as a fossil fuel, it is always in danger of being set off and often times, entire mines would be lost to these underground fires. These fires can often burn for years; like a Pennsylvania coal fire that has burning away for more than four decades and costing millions of dollars in damages.

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