What is the typical school lunch made of?



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     an example provided by: http://alliance.la.asu.edu/model/geoliteracyCD/LessonFiles/Chambers/ChambersLunchS.pdf

    Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich with pretzels

    Salad bar includes fruit salad with peaches, oranges, and strawberries.

    The beverage is either milk or fruit juice.


    This is a good menu but children often eat much more than this, and the food brought from home has the probability of not being so nutritious as this choice.


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    School lunches definitely vary. At my junior high and high school we had the option of buying pizza brought in from local pizza shops, and cookies from name brand cookie companies. Lunches can also include name brand chips, snack bars, fruit bars, energy bars and drinks. Some schools make their lunches rather than purchase them from outside sources, and so then they’re made, typically without the preservatives found in the pre-packaged foods. Hope this helps!

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