What types of plants do well with compost?



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    Nearly all plants do well in a compost meant for amending soil or as a mulch. One thing to keep in mind is leaves and debris from roses: these can have strong fungal and/or bacterial issues which can fester in the humid center of a compost pile. Try to avoid plants containing near-mature-seeds (not as much of a problem in highly-active, hot composts) or with mildew and mold problems. That includes Sudden Oak Death, spread by spores.

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    Since compost tends to be highly acidic, you’d do best planting plants that thrive in acidic environments. Hellebores, azaleas, rhodedendrons, irises, hydrangeas, cyclamens, windflowers, sheepburr, gladiolus, cineraria, butterfly pea, pigeon’s wings, mussel-shell climber, and tiger lillies do particularly well in acidic soils.

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