What types of people do you think are the most likely to be greenies?



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    I think that young people, especially those in college, have the potential to be the most green and adapt a green lifestyle.  Many college campuses are going green, and in my opinion, awareness about the environment is increasing among teenagers.

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    All people can be greenies in their own way. While green living may be popular among college aged students, it is quickly gaining in middle aged groups. Green options are becoming ever easier to find, and because it’s more popular to be green, it’s easier for the masses to accept. For those who are affluent, a great book about going green is Gorgeously Green. For the middle to low class, I recommend An Eco-Babe’s Guide to Greening It. For tree huggers I recommend The Everything Green Living Book.

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    Anyone who has an open mind can be a “greenie.”  It really comes down to wanting to learn more about the world.  It’s the thirst for knowledge that makes someone more prone to be green.  Generally, compassionate people care for the environment and want to protect it any way they can.  There isn’t anyone who can’t be green, it all depends on your outlook and willingness to take in new information.  

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