what types of horses are used for racing?



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    In almost every case, thoroughbreds are used for racing.  Because of their long legs and slender bodies, they have the ideal form for speed.  Great time and patience has been made to develop the breed specifically for racing, which is why most thoroughbreds who aren’t good enough will be retired at any early age or used for show jumping. 

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    The most common breed of racehorse is the Thoroughbred, which doesn’t just mean “purebreed” but is actually a breed of its own.  They are one of the oldest breeds, from mares native to England and Arabian stallions.  They are known for their height and athletic, slim build.  They are fast and are also used for dressage, jumping and polo. This is what you will see at the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont.

    The Arabian horse, one of the oldest breeds, is known for its endurance racing.  The horse in The Black Stallion was an Arabian.

    Quarter horses are good at sprinting and are often used in western rodeos like barrel racing and calf roping.  The sprinters are leaner than those bred for western riding events.



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    Standardbreds are most commonly used for harness racing. When the breed was first established, candidates were required to meet a “standard” distance at a trot in order to be registered. They are known for having two gaits, the trot and the pace, which differ depending on whether the horse moves their legs diagonally or on the same side. For example, the horse in the photo below is pacing.

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