What types of food should dogs stay away from?



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    As most people know, dogs should stay away from chocolate; however, it is only certain amounts of chocolate — and usually dark chocolate — that is a problem for dogs.

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    I have attached a link to a list of items a dog must not consume.

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    Dogs should not consume a large quantity of the following: chocolate, grapes, onion, cooked chicken bones, caffeine, raisins, currants, xylitol, etc. The website below elaborates on what foods are not acceptable for canines to consume on a regular basis. Ensuring a balanced diet makes for a happy pup. 

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    Something that hasn’t been mentioned yet but that it’s really, really hard to keep dogs away from is cat food! My old beagle absolutely dotes on cat food, and is always trying to bully my cat away from its dish so it can get at the last scraps of cat food.

    However, cat food is super bad for dogs and under no circumstances should they have it; it’s too high in proteins and fats that compromise doggy digestion.

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    There are quite a few foods that dogs should not eat-some are suprising others not so much.  The one that I was most suprised by was avacado.  I have never given it to my dogs (because I end up eating all the guacamole) but I just figured since it is so good for humans that it would be ok for dogs too.

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    I remember one Easter when my dog ate an entire Easter basket. My parents put our Easter baskets on the floor in the living room, and my dog found it and ate all of the candy inside it. We woke up that morning in shock that all of the candy was gone with wrappers all over the place. Thankfully, my dog was acting fine and didn’t seem sick at all. My dog is also a very large golden retriever, so he might not of eaten enough to make him seriously ill. However, that still doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be extra cautious around these types of things. We learned our lesson and will never put Easter baskets on the floor again!

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