What type of wood is most common for wood flooring?



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    What you see in most homes is Oak. It’s the underlay in older homes all over the country.

    Bamboo and synthetics are becoming more popular in new installations. The synthetics don’t require all the staining and varnishing and are easier to care for and Bamboo is sustainable and cheaper than oak.

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    Engineered wood–wood boards that use multiple layers of woods in a plank to provide a certain floor effect for cheap–is the most popular worldwide for its affordability. In America, the preference is still for solid hardwood strips, though engineered wood is also popular.

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    According to this article, Red Oak is the most common type of wood used in hardwood flooring. However, a more sustainable and eco-friendly flooring option might be installing carpet made from natural or recycled, rather than synthetic materials, or if you must have wood, you can make sure the wood in your flooring comes from forests that are managed sustainably.

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