What type of weed is the hardest to get rid of?



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    A few weeds/grassesthat are very hard to get rid of are bermuda, kikuyu, and johnson grass. Also, morning glory is very hard to get rid of. From my experience, kikuyu grass is the hardest to get rid of. Although I would not recommend the use of herbicides, for all of the weeds/grassesthat I mentioned, only kikuyu can’t be eliminated with typical consumer-grade herbicides. The best way to get rid of any kind of weed is to solarize it. This is done by covering the area with plastic so that it heats up and cooks everything underneath the plastic. The problem with solarizing an area is that it kills everything whether it is beneficial or harmful. There are weeds that are more common in different areas, so this question can have different answers based on different areas.

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      Dear onelove, its sounds a great idea to kill the weeds from growing. In my country, the power utility company engage grass cutters to cut the growing weeds under the long transmission lines spending a large sum of money. Do you suggest that by covering these areas with many unused street posters is very economic way to keep away the weeds from growing? For how long the PVC plastics can be covered?

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