What type of water energy is the best?



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    This is a very subjective matter. Traditional hydroelectric power, meaning power generated through large dams on flowing bodies of water, accounts for about 19% of world energy generation. So if “best” means “greatest energy potential,” traditional dam-generated hydroelectric power is probably it. However, there are significant environmental consequences to traditional hydro power, since the dams needed to harness the water block migration of species and also have negative effects on watersheds and ecosystems. There is what’s called “low head” hydro power, which is generation of hydroelectricity without the use of a dam, but this is very expensive to generate and not really cost-effective. Tidal power is another potential source, and tide turbines are under serious study in a number of countries, especially in Europe; the long-term viability of this form of power is not yet known. Closely related is wave power. Wave farms have potential, but they are extremely expensive to build and maintain and are susceptible to storms and other hazards in a marine environment. Probably the most reliable method of harnessing water energy is the small-scale, low-impact hydropower that you can see in any quaint country village: small water wheels powering simple machines like mills, which have been utilized since ancient times.

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