what type of waste takes up the most space in landfills around our country



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    28.5% of the municipal solid waste in the U.S. comes from paper products. Next is organic waste, which is food and plant matter, at 23.6%. Waste from construction and demolition contributes 20.2%, and plastics contribute 10.6%.

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    human waste takes up most sewers

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    In recent years, it appears that plastic products are among the highest in quantity of items thrown away in our landfills, and most are non-biodegradable. Some efforts to make eco-friendly plastic products are underway, but are in the minority right now. Things such as bottles, jugs, toys, etc. are tossed after use, and very little of it is actively recycled. The European Union apparently has plans to actively increase its recycling rate, and the United may follow suit, but only time and politics will tell. As technology gets better, so does our independence from old wasteful methods of producing our everyday products, and recycling will be a fact of life rather than a PR move.

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