What type of trees have the largest pine cones?



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    Good question, Ezra.  The tree that has the largest pine cone is the Coulter Pine, and the longest cone comes from the Sugar Pine.  Coulter Pine cones are generally 8-16 inches long, and the cones from a Sugar Pine are 10-20 inches, with exceptionally long cones growing up to 26 inches long!

    Cones from a Sugar Pine


    Cones from a Coulter Pine

    second photo credit: Rick Sidwell/wikipedia

    Hope this helps!

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    According to the Pine Cone Festival, the heaviest pine cones belong to the Coulter Pine. Its cones can weigh up to ten pounds (look out below!). The longest cones come from the Sugar Pine. Sugar Pines have produced cones that measured up to two feet long (so far).

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    Sugar Pines are widely considered the owners of the largest pine cones, some of which are up words of 2 feet long! CHECK OUT THIS PIC.  This wikipedia link gives some great info too. If you’re still pining (sorry I couldn’t help it) for more…this LINK is to a festival completely dedicated to pine cones.

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