what type of tree does GreenAnswers plant?



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    GreenAnswers.com plants trees via a partnership with Trees, Water & People. They plant trees in El Salvadaor, Guatamala, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Wherever they are planting trees, they plant trees that are native to that area. They set up tree nurseries in the local communitites, and raise trees that are indigenous to the area, then reforest them.

    In El Salvador, over 28 hard wood and fruit varieties are grown, including Madre Cacao, Maquilishuat, Chaquiro, Leucaena, Flor Amarilla, Memble, Eucalyptus, Caoba, mangos, citrus, coffee, cacao, and cashew. In Guatamala, the Maya Nut tree is grown. In Nicaragua, they are mostly replacing trees used as fuel by local businesses. In Honduras, the mangrove trees are being repopulated.

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