What type of structures did the ancient Egyptians live in?



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    Ancient Egyptians lived in houses made of bricks. The bricks were created by mixing together mud from the Nile and straw and then being placed in the sun to bake. Bricks were the most common building material in houses because of Egypt’s lack of rain and wood.

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    Ancient Egyptian homes were made out of mud bricks mixed with straw.  They were fairly large, and painted white to help keep them cool.  Many of them had two stories, and wealthy families could have three or four.  Some estates of the wealthy had elaborate courtyards with artificial ponds and exotic plants. 

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    Egyptian buildings were primarily made of sunbaked bricks, straw and mud.  Wealthier Egyptians had homes with many rooms and used a mixture of lime and water to white wash the walls, although some had painted walls and ceilings as well as tiled floors.  Windows were built high up the wall to allow heat to escape during the day and let in cool air in at night.  The less prosperous people may have had only one room with beaten earth floors.  The tombs and temples were built out of stone. 

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