What type of social change is necessary to pioneer environmentalism?



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    I think we need to change our idea of success.  Success should be measured by how much is saved and not by how much is wasted.  Big houses and cars should no longer be symbols of wealth.  Big parks should be treasured instead of big TVs.  Pioneers of sustainability should get sports-star salaries.  Charitable volunteers and bike commuters should get huge tax breaks.  Mostly, people should consider it successful to lead healthy lives and not a sacrifice to abandon inefficient or indulgent practices.

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    I completely agree with this previous answer.  I would also like to add that education being more important to the everyday person is incredibly important.  Rather than being obsessed with the new “Dancing with the Stars” we should be more focused on learning about what is going on in our environment.  We should admire people who take strong stands to protect our environment rather than label them as eco-nuts, simply because they don’t fit into the Hollywood mold our society has created.

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    Unfortunately, I don’t think much social change can be engendered to encourage environmentalism.  I think the best way to make it a way of life is to show people that it can be economically advantageous to them (and it can be!) 

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