What type of shoes are the worst for the environment?



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    I think products that are made out of leather are pretty bad for the environment for a number of reasons. The first reason is that they come from a cow or another animal that requires feed and is often bred for the reason of supplying leather. Another reason is that the chemicals that are used to treat the cattle hide to become leather is often damaging to the environment. They are certainly durable but come at a significant cost to the environment.

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    I would agree that leather or any animal skin shoe is the worst for the environment. The animals require large amounts of food when being raised along with producing large amounts of waste. The chemicals then placed on the skin of the animal is another issue. In the end, killing an animal to wear is just cruel in my opinion, but most animals are trapped which means a decrease in that certain animal population which affects the entire eco-system.

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    I agree.  Any shoe that is made from animal products is the worst shoe for the environment. This includes leather, snake skin, alligator etc.  Animals should not be exploited for the aesthetic pleasure of humans. 

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