What type of products does ECOtality produce?



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    ECOtality produces electric transportation that is better for the environment and storage technologies for that transportation. They produce alternative fuels, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicles. They also plan out infrastructures for those cars to recharge in in different cities and sell chargers for the cars.

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    According to their website, ECOtality produces clean electric transportation and storage technologies. 

    Moving from gasoline powered cars to electric powered cars puts a large strain on the utility grid.  ECOtality is trying come up with solutions to the growing demand on the grid. 

    Some of their products include:

    1. Electric and hybrid cars

    2. Blink network: offers charging stations to both commercial and residential areas

    3. Fast charging: a technology they developed that allows for faster charging with less heat generation.

    4. Ev Micro-Climate: advances areas for electric transportation.

    5. Energy storage: develops rechargeable batteries. 

    6. Solar panel manufacturing

    7. Fuel cells. 


    For more information about the company, check out their website link in the citations. 



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