What type of plastic bags can I recycle?

bread wrappers, newspaper delivery bags



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    You can recycle type 2 and 4 plastic bags.  If your curbside program doesn’t accept them, then nearby grocery stores might.  Make sure they’re clean! 

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    Also make sure to check whether or not your grocery store’s bags are biodegradable.  Some of the more progressive grocery stores and co-ops are opting for these kinds of bags now, but since they biodegrade, don’t put them in your recycling, as they can create difficulties for the people sorting the recycling. 

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    The website below is a great way to learn about the numbering system for different plastics, but it can also vary by location.  Check your local recycling management website for more information and if they don’t provide it, call them to make sure.  Take it a step further by suggesting City Council members shed some light on the issue, since most people are wondering the same thing.  They can print it in a newsletter.

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