What type of meat uses the most water to produce?



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    The production of beef requires the most water at 5,214 gallons per pound. Pork requires 1,630 gallons per pound, and chicken requires 815 gallons per pound.

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    Beef uses up most water and mainly anything related to livestock/ agriculture is what takes up a large portion of water.

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    It is worth noting that the main water input for meat production is the water used in the agricultural production of feed crops.  As animals consume a much higher mass of feed grains than they produce in meat mass for human consumption, it is considered an inefficient use of agricultural resources, including water.  The World Economic Forum estimates that a kilogram of meat uses an average of 20,000 liters of water, while a kilogram of grain uses an average of 1,200 liters of water to produce. 

    It is therefore worth considering how the meat is produced, such as whether the animals are raised entirely on grain or are pastured on land that grows only grass or shrubs.  This distinction, along with consideration of amounts of meat included in the world’s diet, will be important for decreasing our depletion of the world’s freshwater.

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