What type of irrigation is best for preserving water?



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    Rainwater capture, time sensors, and drip irrigation are great. They may even be a great combo to try!

    Check out more information on these methods here:


    This site also has some great water-saving tips:


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    We use a form of drip irrigation for row crops in our garden that puts the water iin the crops root zone.  Our corn is planted in 2 “twin” rows about 12 inches apart and 8-10 inches between plants in each row.  Each pair of rows is 24-30 inches apart.  PVC pipe with 1/16 inch holes drilled into it at 8-9 inch intervals is placed between each pair of rows and connected by a short hise to a manifold which has valves and connections for multiple drip lines.

    We water the ground in the rows before planting.  The pipes are turned so that they discharge the water downward into the soil after the corn emerges.  The corn is wattered for 4-6 hours whenever it shows signs of soil moisture stress.

    This system worked well with tomatoes, peppers and green beans in this year’s garden.

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