What type of green jobs can I get with a degree in psychology?



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    I did some digging around, but unfortunately (and somewhat predictably) found no jobs in a green field that were explicitly related to the discipline. That said, a lot of jobs care more that you have a degree, rather than what the degree is actually in. You can probably find a job as a consultant for some firm or something similar. Additionally, I imagine there are psychology related jobs in nonprofits in third world countries that may be suffering damage from pollution.

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    I think one big option with psychology is to do research into how larger issues like economics and society tie up with how people treat the environment so this is one of the things you can look into. Looks like some pretty exciting research can happen along these lines!

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    I think with a psychology degree you could go into decision science, specifically environmental decisions. It would be interesting to study why some people make decisions when they know there are negative consequences even if they themselves are not directly affected by it. The human-environment conflicts around the world are very interesting to study in general, and I’m sure you could use the psychological perspective to make some insights.

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    There are green jobs you can get with a degree in pyschology. For example, you can do some research work as an environmental pyschologist. However, remember even though companies won’t be hiring specifically for pysch majors look at what the requirments and skills they need. They can potentially match up to your skill set. Take internships, even if they are free, to gain experience and new sets of skills.

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