What type of green energy do you think is the best to invest in?



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    Green energy success varies from region to region due to the different types of sources, for example wind, solar, or tide. Good examples of investments, therefore, occur when solar power is utilized in Arizona, or wind in the Great Plains. Concentrating all or the majority of the green energy investment in a single sector is not the best approach. Diversifying sources in response to environmental conditions is the better approach.

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    Really any green energy source is a good source to invest in. Certain climates and regions may be more suited towards specific renewable energy sources. For example a windy city such as Chicago would be a good place for wind turbines and cities that have a large amount of solar exposure would be good for solar panels. There are also cities like Palm Springs that utilize both solar panels and wind turbines. If you are looking for a green energy source to invest in biomass sources account for about 53 percent of renewable energy in America in 2008, hydropower 34 percent, wind 7 percent, geothermal 5 percent, and solar 1 percent. Solar energy could have the largest potential for growth, but that depends on many factors.

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