What is a type of food that can feed a lot of people but is relatively good for the environment?



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    Well, it’s hard to grow a lot of one type of crop without it being bad for the environment. When you grow one type of a crop, it’s easier for it to catch a disease and thus you run the risk of famine. It’s not good for the plant itself to breed it in a way so that it falls victim to disease. You may be saying, we already do this. I’d say, you’re right. Therefore, the question really is, how can we feed a lot of people with our system? We can feed a lot of people with the crops we have now, but the problem lies in their distribution. Too much food is wasted and doesn’t get sent to people in need. Corn, rice, and potatoes in their natural, unprocessed state are decent crops with which to feed a lot of people; we just need to get them better distributed.

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    Hemp.  Hemp seeds contain all of the essential amino acids critical to human nutrition.  Hemp oil is also very low in saturated fat.  Hemp seeds may be made into hemp milk and durable fabric.  This is why the early American agrarian traditions incorporated large hemp farms.   Hemp plants also has a much lower impact on the soil than cotton.  Plus, they may be easily grown in marginal and dry soils.  Moreover, hemp plants have less than 1 percent THC, so the risk of illegal drug production is low.  This is why the State of Oregon has recently passed legislation that would allow for hemp seed and fiber production.

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