What type of fashion (dress and hairstyle) is most eco-friendly and sustenable?



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    Used/vintage clothing is the best way to go.  Etsy.com is a great place to find vintage (and handmade clothing), and you can find pretty nice stuff on there too.  Some boutiques specialize in used designer clothing, so if you need a nice dress for a night out these are a great eco option.  As far as hair goes, blow drying can consume a lot of energy, especially if you do it on a daily basis – about 136,875 watt hours are used per year on blow drying by one person alone (and that’s if they do it every day, which many ladies do!).  If you are able to go without blow-drying, I highly recommend it.  (I have attached two links explaining watts and how they are calculated – the energysavers link provides a list of common appliances and how many watts they generally use.)  Additionally, making your own hair products at home can cut down on the amount of hair products you need to buy.  This prevents you from having to throw away as many empty bottles into the trash can, or wash chemical-laced products down the drain.  Many of the chemicals found in hair prouducts (and many other hygenic prouducts or makeup) like parabens, are not good to expose yourself to on a daily basis.  Besides, making your own hair products can be a lot of fun!  See this link for recipes: http://www.longlocks.com/hair-care-recipes-cookbook.htm.

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    I agree with Lola14 that used clothing is the most “eco-friendly” option. However, I question anything that has to be shipped from one location to the next, because of the packaging that comes along with shipping and then the fossil fuels to move the merchandise. If you can find a used clothing store in your city or town, that is preferable to purchasing something that must be shipped. Use your creativity to alter used clothing so that it fits your body and your taste, and you can always embellish clothing with beads, embroidery, and other additional designs. As far as hairstyle goes, keep it natural. 

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