What type of environment does the giant kangaroo live in?



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    The Giant Kangaroo became extinct almost 40,000 years ago. It used to live in a very similar environment to the current kangaroo, the australian outback, and it was long thought that they were hunted to extincition by aborigines, before it was found that a drought was likely for their extinction.

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    Here is an illustration of giant kangaroos. As nebblacktip already noted, it is thought that drought brought about their extinction. Sadly, kangaroos of today are also undergoing stress from drought.

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    The Giant Kangaroo, or Procoptodon goliah, was believed to go extinct around 45,000 years ago and thrived in arid conditions conducive to the growth of saltbrush scrubs.  Their prime habitat was within the Australian habitat, mostly around watering holes, which were a huge contributing factor to their demise by water-needing man whom arrived 5,000 years before their demise.

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