What type of emission controls has the EPA recommended for a New Mexico coal plant?



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    There are several New Mexico coal plants, but I’m guessing that you are referring to the Four Corners Power Plant. In October 2010, the EPA required the Four Corners Power Plant to install pollution controls to meet emission limits that the EPA set. Realizing that this would be both costly and reduce jobs, the EPA made a revision in February 201 that would instead require the power plant to install Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)  on two of the five coal-fired boilers and shut down the three older ones. SCR’s are the most stringest pollution technology available for the Four Corner Power Plant and will allow the facility to lower pollution by 87% instead of 80% while preserving jobs.

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    phillius is correct.  There are multiple coal plants in New Mexico.  The cases of asthma amongst NM residents is growing – especially amongst children because of the smog emitted by these plants.  Three of the top ten most polluting coal power plants in the country are in NM – The Four Corners Plant is rated the worst of them all.  In a particularly interesting development, back in 2009 the EPA pulled a permit for the Desert Rock coal plant after admittedly saying that they had initially cut corners in order to issue the permit in the first place.  Apparently they had jumped the gun without first doing an analysis of how much the plant would affect water quality, and how much it would have an affect on any endangered species living in NM. It is troubling to think how many times the EPA may well have “cut corners” in the past, however, it is somewhat rectifying to hear they are trying to be more conscious of their decisions.  Even so, a lot more must be done in order to improve air, water, and soil quality in many regions of the United States.

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