What type of electronic waste is the worst for the environment?



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    Basically any electronic devices that are improperly disposed of are harmful to the environment. Whether it be computers, phones, televisions, video game systems – consoles or handheld – damage is caused to the environment if improperly handled. The reason behind this is because all of these electronics either contain harmful cathode ray tubes (CRTs), lead or cadmium components, toxic resins, or mercury. All of these can leech into the groundwater and cause harm to local ecosystems and to humans.

    Make sure you properly dispose of your electronic waste! 🙂

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    The effects of improper disposal of electronics is evident in places like China. In Guiyu, China, which is located in the Guangdong region has four small villages and is said to be the largest electronic waste site on earth. A million tons of electronic waste are shipped there each year from around the world. The health impacts on the 15,000 workers there are treacherous. The recycling process is very ineffective and toxic. 88% of children there suffer from lead poisoning. The soil is full of heavy metals and workers use unsafe practices, including stripping electronics apart using their bare hands. The water is so polluted it is undrinkable. The reason this occurs is because the average worker makes 17 cents an hour ($1.50 a day), which makes it lucrative for the worker despite the health risks and lucrative for those shipping waste there. 

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