What type of habitat do tigers live in?



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    Tigers live in hot jungles as well as cold forests. All wild tigers live in Asia. Some of them also live in Siberia. Others live in the humid jungles of Sumatra and some live in the dry grasslands of India.

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    Tigers preferred habitat is forest although they can also be found in grassland and swamp margins. They range from India to Siberia and South East Asia.

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    Tigers usually search for two things when looking for a new home: the availability of prey, and the availability of suitable coverage or camouflage. They usually enjoy places with lots of trees, shrubs, and tall grasses, which make it easier for them to hunt in. The natural cover of trees and such are perfect for the tiger’s stripes, which combine to hide the tiger from their prey. They also have a fondness for water, so any area that combines coverage, prey, and water without the threat of human encroachment or poaching is ideal.

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