What type of diseases can a birch tree, which is in a planter 24 wide and 24 deep, develop? The birch tree is 21/2 to 3 inches thick and 12ft tall.



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    There are birch borers, leafminers, fungal diseases (anthracnose), wetwood bacteria, etc. The website below explains the symptoms of these diseases. 

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    When any plant (tree, shrub, or otherwise) is put into s space that it will outgrow, it can make the plant susceptible to diseases, insect pests, environmental stressors. Birches are infamous for their trouble with Birch borers and leafminor. If you really want to control the problem and relieve symptoms, take samples of the damage and send them to your nearest extension program where plant pathologists and entomologists are on staff to correctly identify the problem’s source. If control proves not possible, you may want to consider replacing the tree with another that will be more appropriate for the conditions.

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