What type of company is Scientific Conservation?



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    Scientific Conservation Incorporated was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2007 and specializes in predictive analysis technology to enhance energy efficiencies in commercial buildings. Predictive technology performs routine analytics on equipment to determine or predict when routine maintenance should be performed. One of their main products is SCIwatch, a remote energy analytics platform that manages data collection, warehousing, diagnostics, and work order issuance and tracking.

    SCIwatch is actually a commercial form of artificial intelligence, and employs neural networks or algorithms to recognize patterns in energy waste and conservation. It factors in variables like maintenance costs or unnecessary energy consumption to track energy efficiency.

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    SCI has recently received investments from General Electric as part of GE’s “ecoimagination Challenge,” and from Triangle Peak Partners L.P. GE Capital Real Estate is also ready to launch SCI’s energy analytics platform in buildings throughout the US, Canada, and the UK.

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