What type of company is First Wind?



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    First Wind is a “independent North American wind energy company” with development projects in Maine, Vermont, Hawaii, Utah, and New York. They work with turbine wind structures to provide clean energy while reducing overall energy costs for communities.  They abandoned an initial public offering late last year, and now seek private funding for development work for the next two years.

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    First Wind is a Boston-based company that develops and operates wind energy projects in the Northeast, the West, and Hawaii. They currently have a total of 504 megawatts installed of wind energy.

    They are a company focused on wind farms, promoting and developing them.

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    So as most of the others have already mentioned, first wind is a company that works on developing and promoting new wind power technologies.

    First Wind is trying to make wind power more popular and more viable as an energy sources so that it will be used in more places where right now the power of the wind is not being utilized.

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