What type of company is Amonix?



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    Amonix is the leading designer and manufacturer of concentrated photovoltaic commercial solar power sytems. Interestingly, this commercial design requires no water for power products  and uses land more efficiently while producing more energy per acre than any other solar manufacturer. Amonix has been around since 1989; it’s corporate office is in Seal Beach, CA with other offices in Torrance, CA, and Las Vegas, NV (Amonix. Inc., 2011).

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    Amonix produces concentrated photovoltaic solar systems that are optimal for dry, sunny climates, since they do not need water.  They have been used a lot in the southwest.  Amonix convincingly touts itself as the leader in its field thanks to its decades of experience and expertise.  The beneficial nature of their work is reflected in their values and goals–low-cost, relaibility, integrity, care for customers and employees, owing their actions, and, obviously, concern for the environment.

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