What type of company is Ahhaproject?



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    From their website, it looks like they are a design company that takes criteria from clients and then creates a product that they believe meets their clients needs and will have long-term use. They’ve designed and made things ranging from duffel bags to kitchen sinks.

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    The ahhaproject is a really neat. It was founded in 2010 and it is made up of a team of designers with the goal of creating products and services that are attuned to the clients needs. They draw their inspiration from their rich culture and the arts that surround their company. They generally thrive in industrial design, concept development, user research, and interior design.

    They are very drawn to the best product for their individual costumers. They are less concerned with producing mass amounts of a single design installation and instead focus on the needs of an individual.

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    Headquartered in Seoul and Munich, Ahhaproject focuses on Concept Development, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and User Research to fulfill their clients’ needs. 

    An example of their work:  They upgraded the Unicef brand.  To begin the rebranding, Ahhaproject changed the hole on the Unicef package from the typical coin slot (a thick dash shaped like a ‘minus’ sign) to a plus shape (‘+’), reflecting the positive nature of the company.

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