What type of animals carry diseases that you can get from contact?



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    Well, the most well known within the Kingdom Animalia (excluding humans) are of course the members of the Phylum Arthropoda. Mosquitoes are incredibly hazardous to humans, passing such diseases as malaria, west nile, dengue and yellow fever. They are probably the most significant animal that can pass disease by contact (of course, the contact being a bite).

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    There are many different animals that humans can acquire diseases from including, but not limited to bats, mosquitoes, sick cats, sick dogs, birds, etc. Reptiles such as turtles and snakes can transmit salmonella bacteria to humans. 

    According to webmd.com, there are at least 39 significant diseases that animals can transmit to humans and at least 48 significant diseases that humans can acquire through bug bites. In addition, there are at least 42 significant diseases that humans can acquire by eating and/or handling food or water with traces of animal feces in them. 

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