What type of car can be the most eco-friendly?

Is it possible to invent such?



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    At this point, the most eco-friendly car is an electric car in terms of what the car produces–virtually no pollution is emitted from the car itself.  Hydrogen-powered cars may eventually be better for the environment because the production of hydrogen may cause less pollution than the production of electricity.  We have to take into consideration the manufacture of the car itself, too.  If the company is investing in renewable energy sources, reducing its own carbon emissions, and using recycled metal, the car that it produces would be much more eco-friendly than other.

    It is very possible to invent one.  We’re on the way to an incredibly eco-friendly car.  We just have to wait a little longer for the technology to make it economical and truly “green.”

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    Technically, a solar car is the most eco-friendly car. It uses solar energy to run, so the need for energy production in the form of electricity or fuel is eliminated, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

    Solar cars have entered the market in China and certain places in Europe, but the U.S. is behind in production, with solar cars coming mostly from groups or individuals who build them independently. However, word has it Toyota is working on developing a solar powered vehicle, which makes production in the U.S. more likely, if they’re successful.

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