What type of bird is most affected by climate change?



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    Migratory birds would be most affected by climate change. Their habitat could potentially change (too dry or flooded), they could abandon migration all together, change their routes, etc. The link below goes into greater detail the ramifications of climate change on migratory birds. 

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    meg707 is right to call out migratory birds as most affected by climate change, as changing weather patterns mess with bird’s homing sensors and biological clocks like none other.

    There are a couple of other birds that have been affected by climate change in more oddball ways. For instance, the wild turkey, which, through the concerted efforts of various reintroduction programs, has adapted to live very well in human controlled environments such as grassy feed lots. This prompted a massive increase in population following the disruption of weather patterns which negatively impacted the wild turkey’s natural home, the plains.

    The burrowing owl (which is such a cutie I don’t even have the words to express it) is also in danger because of reduced rainfall in the southwestern states where it lives, drying out the soil where it makes its homes and rendering the surrounding landscape too tough to burrow through.

    Burrowing owl v

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