What type of bees make the most honey?



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    Why, honey bees, of course!

    Only kidding. Italian honey bees tend to be really great honey producers.



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    There are actually eight species of honey bees in America.  It should be noted that honey bees are not the same type of bee as bumble bees, wasps, and yellow jacket bees.  
    The name of the honey bee that is most commonly used in America is Apis Mellifera which means “honey carrying bee”.  The Apis Mellifera is one species in a group of eight types of species of honey bees.  Within the group of species there are also different types of bee races.     
    As eloiselk said, the Apis Mellifera Ligustica or Italian honey bee is the most popular and commonly used bee for honey.  There is also the Apis Mellifera Caucasca, otherwise known as the Caucasian honey bee.  Another type is the Apis Mellifera Scutellata or the Africanized bee. 
    These bees are all unique because they were introduced to America from different areas across the world.  Similar to humans though, the bees have been cross-bred to create new races.  These include Cordovans, Buckfast, Russian, Starline, and Minnesota Hygenic.  Bee keepers often breed these bees for specific traits that they can garnish from each original bee type.       



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