What type of bee is the best pollinator?



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    While the Honeybee is normally thought of as the best pollinator, it is now suspected that the Orchard Mason bee, 140 species of which can be found in western North America, is actually a better pollinator. This bee emerges when the first fruit trees begin to bloom and work longer and in cooler temperatures than most Honeybees.

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    Recently, with the honeybee species diminishing the native stingless honeybees are becoming more abundantly used for pollination.  They reduce the cost and dependence on the rented honeybees farmers must use to pollinate their crops.  The native bee species are also more efficient workers than the honeybees.  Due to the native bees’ tolerance for cold and wet weather, 250 native honey bee workers can do the work that takes 15,000 to 20,000 honeybee workers.

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