What type of air filter will give me the best gas mileage?



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    Many hybrid vehicles come attached with Cloro-fluoro-carbon (CFC)-free air conditioners with air filters. Since clogged air filters can reduce fuel economy in cars, it is best to either get new ones or fix your clogged ones. The K&N filter from auto stores can be used or a oiled-paper type air filter that will help trap dirt before it gets to your engine, even on unpaved roads.

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    A performance air filter (as opposed to a disposable paper air filter) will help you achieve better gas mileage by allowing more air to flow freely into your engine. The K&N air filter can supposedly pay for itself in fuel savings over the course of a single year. When looking to replace your air filter, be sure to find one with high flow cotton that is cleanable and reusable to ensure gas mileage increases continue.

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