What is a turbine?



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    “A turbine is a rotary engine that extracts energy from a fluid or air flow and convert it into useful work.” A turbine is a series of blades, usually made of steel but sometimes ceramic, which can withstand higher temperatures. “Turbines are the core of our civilization. Practically every form of electric power is generated by a turbine. When we say coal power, nuclear power, hydrothermal power, etc., we mean using some energy source to agitate a gas which then drives a turbine and generates power. A turbine is one of the most common types of engines, where an engine is defined simply as something that takes an input and generates an output. Along with heat engines and motors, turbines make up the vast majority of dynamic machinery.”

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      It is a machine in which a moving fluid such as steam, water or air acts on the blades of a rotor to produce rotational motion that can be transformed to electrical or mechanical power
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