What is turbidity?



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    Turbidity is an observable measurement of how murky a water becomes through the agitation of sediment. Turbidity is caused by stirring up sediment in water so that the particles are suspended and the transparency of the water decreases.

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    It is the measure of water clarity.  It takes into consideration material suspended in the water and how light passes through it.  The turbidity can efect the color of the water. Soil erosion, runoff, and eroding streams all factor into the turbidity of the water.

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    Turbidity is the measure of the loss of water transparency due to suspended materials. The more suspended solids, the higher the turbidity and murkiness of the water. Numerous parameters can have an influence on the turbidity of water, including water discharge, algae growth, phytoplankton, and erosion. The suspended particles absorb sunlight, ultimately warming the water and causing a reduction in oxygen concentration. Essentially, the water becomes very dirty.

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