What triggered the massive snow storm in the US?



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    There have been hundreds of “massive snow storms” in the US. Each one is the result of complex weather patterns, and to some extent longer term climatic features. Seldom (if ever) is there a specific “trigger” for such things. If you would indicate which storm you mean, then maybe someone can point out the weather pattern that led to it.

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    From wikipedia:

    By the end of January, an Alberta Clipper containing cold air from the polar vortex drifted acrossThe Dakotas, while a large Arctic high pressure system with a maximum pressure of 1,052 millibars (31.1 inHg) followed behind it, moving across Montana. A low pressure system from thePacific Ocean later came ashore over Northern California and crossed the Rocky Mountains, merging with the Alberta Clipper low and a developing Texas low drawing moisture from the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. The storm later intensified, and moved northeast, developing a long warm front stretching toward the New England states, and moving northeast along this jet streamtrack.

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